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Dr. Jacob Sheskin

Dr. Jacob Sheskin,  M.D.
Professor of Dermatology & Venereology
Borned in Vilna Poland    -   1914
Died  in Jerusalem Israel  -  1999
Medical  Degress
1939  -  University of Vilna, Poland
1940  -  University of Kovno, Lithuania
Specialization  in : 
Clinical Dermatology, Tropical Skin Diseases, Skin Allergic Diseases and Sexology
1945-1947  -  Warsaw University
1949-1954  -  Caracas Venezuela
1955-1956  -  Madrid  University
Member of Medical Teaching Stuff
1956-1981  -  Hebrew University in Jerusalem at Hadassah University Hospital
1964-1998  -  Universities of Bazel and Zurich
1974-1998  -  Universitaets-Hautklinik, Hamburg, Germany
Director of Hansen's Disease Hospital in Jerusalem

Hansen's Disease Hospital


Thalidomide's past

Thalidomide was first introduced in the 1950s as a sedative. Because it was deemed to be so safe, it was prescribed to pregnant women to combat the nausea and insomnia associated with morning sickness. Women who took the drug in early pregnancy gave birth to children with severe birth defects such as missing or shortened limbs.

Shortly after the link between Thalidomide and birth defects was proven it was banned from use world-wide. 

New applicable possibilities for that extraordinary drug 

The Drug Which Is Generating Light

In 1964, Prof.  Dr. Jacob Sheskin, a doctor  at Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem used Thalidomide to provide some relief to a suffering  man  patient with leprosy  who  was  hospitalized at Hansen's Disease Hospital in Jerusalem. Professor  Sheskin  have  seen  that  patient  great  suffering  thought that the drug Thalidomide  would act as a sedative and help the patient to sleep.    

The effects were extremely positive. Within three days the leprosy had gone and skin lesions healed. When the patient stopped taking the Thalidomide all the lesions reappeared.                

It seemed that Thalidomide would act as a suppresser, throwing the disease into retreat, although it could not actually eradicate the illness entirely from the patient.

Dr. Sheskin’s credit  is that he made the association between the patient’s dramatic improvement and thalidomide. He had to contact Muckter to obtain thalidomide for a larger study because this drug was banned and forbidden.

Eventually, Dr. Sheskin, after a large and profound research, came to the conclusion that thalidomide is fighting against the autoimmune reaction of the body. He concluded from the research he made that this drug can be useful in psoriasis, cancer and AIDS too.

The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed a total remission of the disease in 99% of thousands of lepers treated by him in 52 countries.

Incredibly, Thalidomide staged a comeback, as  mentioned  before,  Dr.  Sheskin,  discovered  the drug had a radical effect on some of the painful symptoms of leprosy  the  erythema nodosum leprosum. 

Professor  Sheskin  after  a  wide  and  deep  research  claimed  that  this  drug  can  help  in  most  of  the  diseases  that is  needed to  prevents formation of new blood vessels,diseases in  wich  is  needed  to  reduce inflammation  or  immunology  problems  are  involved,  that  is:  psoriasis,  sarcoidosis,  lupus,  Behcet's syndrome,  AIDS  and  cancers.  

During  the early  1990's  he  began  a  research  to  this  direction  with  scientist  in  Europe  and  USA. 

Profrssor  Dr.  Sheskin  Jacob  deceased  at  the  date:   17/04/1999        



Dr Sheskin at the Hansen Hospital with the nurses

Finding remedy for millions all over the world
The Thalidomide provide remedy to a large scale of diseases and it would have not be known iwithout Professor Sheskin Jacob's observation capability  and  research.
This is the reason for receiving the following prices and awards:
1969                 Gold Medal from "Laboratorio de Investigaciones Leprologicas", Argentina
1975                 Gold Medal World Academy of Art and Science ranked as Benefactor of Humanity
1997                  Named "Yakir Jerushalaim" - Worthy son of Jerusalem
2007                 A Street near the place were was the Hansen's disease hospital in Jerusalem  (now  empty) was called on his name.  The  building  will  be  turned  over to  a  museum.


Gold Medal as Benefactor of Humanity

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